Hy, how are you?

Do you face a complex problem and somehow got stuck with it for too long? You are frustrated and out of ideas?

I believe an organization is a living organism, that grows and is alive. Like all living, it gets unhealthy, challenged and stuck at times. And if that happens it needs good energy and deeper change to recover and grow again.

All living organizations face these complex problems of growth and being alive, it is the most natural thing to happen. But that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck and stay with those limitations. It’s our challenge to overcome them.

Let me give you some examples how those issues show up:

  • an organization that does not deliver on its promises, value proposition or vision, without a good explanation of why this is.
  • a grown product portfolio that does not fit together anymore after many iterations and fundamental shifts in strategy
  • an overly complex technical setup evolved, that carries the whole history of every iteration and shift with it – and needs simplification.
  • a great product and vision, but no market that it fits in
  • everyone loves the creative freedom, but the growing suffering from missing structures and chaos makes the freedom more and more a burden to everyone

I believe that many of those everyday challenges hint at underlying problems that need to get uncovered and addressed.

So, if you face a complex problem and somehow got stuck with it for too long, you are frustrated and are out of ideas – let’s change it.

What is good to know about me?

I co-founded jovoto and worked with this great company for 15 years – as a developer,CTO, Board Member, and Adviser/Co-Founder helping in all different areas. Jovoto was sold to Talenthouse AG in 2018.

Personally, fundamental to anything about me is my own history and where I am coming from. I didn’t ask for this, but it come to me. I almost died in a car crash, then got chronicle sick with 16 years old, that is where my “normal” life stopped forever. This forced me into my very personal transformation and learning journey. This journey is never over, but it’s much lighter, easier and less painful now. And its my time now to go into the world and share what I have learned.

I believe that is who we fundamentally are, and what we are doing. Going to work does not change this.


Let’s start the change

you can find me on LinkedIn or can write me an E-Mail to tim ( at ) timassmann.com